Kidato | Chess Beginners April
Brian Adorwa
Brian Adorwa
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Chess Beginners April

FIDE Certified National Instructor Brian Adorwa takes Chess Beginners on your very first lessons on learning how to play the game of Chess. We will teach you the concepts of the game of chess and get you playing in less than a week. We will also introduce you to Online Chess to maximize on practice and begin you on your journey to becoming a Pro! Working files will be provided for download for each lesson. Beginners Players Objectives • Brief History of Chess • Understanding a Chess Board • Understanding Chess pieces, their movements and captures • Understanding piece values • Chess Special Moves like castling both short and long • Check and Check Mating patterns • Understanding Chess Notations (naming squares) • Learning how to record chess moves • Chess Opening principles • Pawn Promotion and Middle game Plan • Playing Chess Online This class requires a minimum of 3 enrollments to start.

  • Chess
  • 5 Lessons
  • Age: 6 - 13
  • Max: 5 learners
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Available Cohorts

Starts Wed, May 18
Once a week for 60 minutes
Wed-16:30 (Nairobi time)
Accepting Enrolments
Enrol for $ 25.00

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