Kidato | Chess Fluency Introduction (level 1)
Trevor Kearney
Trevor Kearney
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Chess Fluency Introduction (level 1)

We will start from the beginning (more than a thousand years ago!) and work forward, learning the vocabulary, geometry, algebraic notation, and strategy required to be the best scholastic chess players we can be. We will place an emphasis on learning and using perfect English and math concepts, so this class welcomes beginners and intermediate players. In our four sessions, we will: 1) Know the name of every square on the board, and understand the potential of each piece; 2) Learn the rules and special moves required to become a strong chess player; 3) Learn basic strategy to both attack our opponents and defend our pieces; 4) Have the opportunity to play in an international tournament.

  • Chess
  • 4 Lessons
  • Age: 7 - 15
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Date # Name Action
Tue Dec 01 at 19:00 1 of 4 Learning the Language View
Tue Dec 08 at 19:00 2 of 4 Putting Words Into Motion View
Tue Dec 15 at 19:00 3 of 4 Check Your Work (and Checkmating Our Opponents) View