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Chepkirui Francisca
Chepkirui Francisca
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English Tuition CBC grade 4 Holiday Program

CBC grade 4 Holiday Program: Welcome to grade 4, English, CBC curriculum class. We shall be covering the four strands of the English language learning to the level that suits learners. This lesson will start by teaching learners to talk about themselves and their neighborhood as they heed to tenses. As we progress, learners will also practice reading comprehensions as well as answering comprehension questions. We will also engage in games that help learners to better their spelling of words. Many a times, we will be doing composition writing to gauge the creativity of learners as we also correct their errors. We shall ensure that we use learner centered techniques that encourage participation. This includes the use of flash-cards and hands-on activities. Other methods such as differentiation will also be put in place to favor learners of varied capabilities. Daily assignments will be given to assess on the understanding of the content by the learners. The following topics will be tackled: 1. Introducing ourselves and use of tenses. 2 .Articles 3. Plurals 4. Reading comprehensions and answering questions 5. Punctuation. 6. Opposites 7. Filling puzzles 8. Prepositions 9. Paragraphing 10. Writing composition 11. Metaphors and similes 12. Conjunctions

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Date # Name Action
Tue May 25 at 09:45 1 of 12 Tenses View
Thu May 27 at 09:45 2 of 12 Regular and irregular verbs View
Tue Jun 01 at 09:45 4 of 12 Scanning View
Tue Jun 08 at 09:45 6 of 12 Reading Comprehension View
Fri Jun 11 at 09:45 9 of 12 Similes View
Tue Jun 15 at 09:45 10 of 12 Writing composition View
Thu Jun 17 at 09:45 11 of 12 Reading comprehension View
Fri Jun 18 at 09:45 12 of 12 Where, when and what View