Kidato | English Revision Year 6 (Private)
Chepkirui Francisca
Chepkirui Francisca
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English Revision Year 6 (Private)

This class is on invite only and is meant to prepare learners for the upcoming SATs. The topics in this course are tailored to make the learner have a proper understanding of the different grammar topics, comprehension and writing as well. The first ten minutes of every lesson will be dedicated to spelling and handwriting practice, which has been a major stumbling block to most learners. Apart from that, learners will made aware of the types of questions to expect in both the comprehension and the grammar paper including how to go about answering each one of them. Children will have an opportunity to interact with as many revision papers as possible as they identify topics that seems to recur. The following topics will be covered:

1. Punctuation

2. Comprehension

3. Writing recounts

4. Synonyms and Antonyms


6. Prefixes and affixes

  • Language & Communication
  • 6 Lessons
  • Age: 9 - 12
  • Max: 3 learners
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Available Cohorts

Starts Tue, Dec 7
Once a week for 45 minutes
Tue-8:00 AM, Thu-9:00 AM, Sat-9:00 AM (Nairobi time)
Accepting Enrolments
Enrol for $ 90.00
Starts Sat, Jan 8
Once a week for 45 minutes
Mon-5:00 PM, Tue-4:00 PM, Thu-4:00 PM, -10:00 AM (Nairobi time)
Accepting Enrolments
Enrol for $ 90.00

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Date # Name Action
Tue Dec 07 at 08:00 1 of 6 Lesson 1: Comprehension View
Tue Dec 14 at 08:00 2 of 6 Lesson 2: Recount Writing View
Mon Jan 24 at 05:00 3 of 6 Lesson 3: Punctuation View
Mon Jan 31 at 05:00 4 of 6 Lesson 4: Synonyms and Antonyms View
Mon Feb 07 at 05:00 5 of 6 Lesson 5: Comprehension View
Mon Feb 14 at 05:00 6 of 6 Lesson 6: Prefixes and Affixes View