Kidato | English Tuition CBC grade 4 Holiday July 2021
Chepkirui Francisca
Chepkirui Francisca
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English Tuition CBC grade 4 Holiday July 2021

Welcome to Grade 4, CBC Curriculum. This course will carefully look at the four essential language learning skills namely :Listening, speaking, reading and writing. Numerous learner centered activities will be used to ensure that learners engage in teamwork and communication. Real-life examples will be referred to during the lessons to enable the learners to apply creativity and critical thinking skills in solving everyday problems. This course will incorporate activities aimed at integrating the use of digital technologies in learning. The following strands and sub strands will be covered: 1. Reading Comprehension: Young Monkey 2. Reading Skills: Skimming 3. Grammar: Use of the phrase 'enough of ' 4. Handwriting 5. Listening and Speaking: Polite words 6. Reading Comprehension: Using polite words. 7. Reading Skills: Scanning 8. Grammar: A lot and a lot of 9. Writing : Spelling and handwriting 10.Listening and Speaking: Reciting a poem. 11.Reading Comprehension: It is an emergency! 12.Grammar: Personal Pronouns

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