Kidato | Teens Can Code Beginners (Ages 13 and above)
Wainaina K
Wainaina K
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Teens Can Code Beginners (Ages 13 and above)

This is a class for beginners in programming for kids aged 13 and above. This class takes students through the world of coding through interactive puzzles, playful characters, and activities both in and outside the classroom. This class enables the students' creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and also provides real-world examples of coding concepts that illustrate how code is used in everyday life. Using an online coding environment and unplugged (off-screen) activities, students can learn and experiment with real JavaScript code, the same programming language used by professionals to build powerful apps. No need to sit at home bored after school when they can learn a new skill. A minimum of 4 students is all we need to start our fun coding journey. (4 weeks, 2 lessons a week)

  • 8 Lessons
  • Age: 13 - 17
  • Max: 0 learners
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