Kidato | Mr. Sketch's Art Club (10-13yr olds)
Billy Mugambi
Billy Mugambi
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Mr. Sketch's Art Club (10-13yr olds)

Long before we ever had written text and numbers, human beings had already mastered the skill of communicating through art. What goes around comes around; humanity is increasingly visual and sensory all over again. This platform will guide your 10-13 year old through the incredible world of modern visual communication using an ancient set of skills. Minimum of five enrolments to commence.

  • Art & Crafts
  • 4 Lessons
  • Age: 10 - 13
  • Max: 5 learners
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Available Cohorts

Starts Fri, Jan 14
Once a week for 45 minutes
Fri-16:30 (Nairobi time)
Accepting Enrolments
Enrol for $ 25.00

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