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Grace Mbuti
Grace Mbuti
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Playing Piano ( Private Lessons)

Playing piano is conisdered a highly engaging activity for children as it helps them in areas of discipline, patience, determination and hard work. It is also fun and learners are engaged in practical piano exams and playing for fun too. These are private lessons running for 10 weeks. Lessons are taken on a weekly basis at a duration of 45min per week. Available time slots: Tuesday: 4-6:15pm,Thursday: 4:45-6:30pm or Friday: 5 - 6:30pm. Please contact for more information.

  • Music
  • 10 Lessons
  • Age: 7 - 18
  • Max: 1 learners
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Available Cohorts

Starts Thu, Dec 16
Once a week for 45 minutes
Fri-17:00 (Nairobi time)
Accepting Enrolments
Enrol for $ 150.00

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