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STEM for early learners (10-12 yo)

Welcome to Little Einsteins East Africa a STEM Edutainment Program focused on teaching children Science Technology Engineering and Math concepts in a fun and hands on manner. We edutain through relatable experience and stories. We will have a 5 week Program, classes will run every Thursday. Below is what will be covered for the 5 weeks: Course Outline WEEK 1-INERTIA In this week, explorers will complete this experiment to see the effects of inertia and how force influences it. WEEK 2– BUILDING FUN In this week we shall make a simple building to learn on the components needed. WEEK 3-MAGIC EYE In this lesson, we will learn how to describe refraction as the speed and direction change of light when passing between a medium. WEEK 4-STEM EARTH In this lesson, we will keep the spirit of Earth day alive all year long. WEEK 5-PLAYFUL MATH Kids will delve into a world of creating a 3 dimensional space and learn about the ability to accurately identify shapes as a foundational mathematical skill. One can order the kits 1 week prior. Cost for the materials amounts to a total of Ksh3500. Looking forward to see the little explorers in class!

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