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Billy Mugambi
Billy Mugambi
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Anime Studio / Mr. Sketch's Art Class

ANIME has become a major hit for children around the world over the past decade, and it's becoming increasingly popular still. Nearly every child who draws ANIME characters is self-taught and needs help bettering his/her skills. ANIME STUDIO provides the ideal platform to do exactly that, and bring young ANIME enthusiasts together while at it. Imagine if children had the basic tools needed to draw anime from an early age. Given their unrestricted imagination and unbelievable vibrancy, they are bound to come up with incredible and timeless pieces, and get infinitely better at it as they grow older. Now imagine if they could utilize these tools to tell great stories. This class seeks to arm them with some of those tools, and start them along the journey to cartooning and comic wizardry. Minimum enrollments required: 5 students

  • Art & Crafts
  • 4 Lessons
  • Age: 7 - 10
  • Max: 0 learners
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Date # Name Action
Mon Nov 30 at 20:00 1 of 4 Why Cartoons? View
Sat Jan 22 at 10:00 2 of 4 Same Same View
Sat Jan 29 at 10:00 3 of 4 Fluent Bubbles View
Sat Feb 05 at 10:00 4 of 4 Wrap Up View